Rebecca was born and raised in Colorado. She put on her first pair of tap shoes at age three and a lifelong love of dancing was born. Performing quickly became her main passion. She has trained in ballet, pointe, tap, contemporary, modern, and jazz. Rebecca became a part of the Xtreme Dance Force competition team in 8th grade and was able to earn multiple titles and manty top place awards. She was also able to attain success by being selected to be a part of many shows (both dancing and acting) including: Jammin’ Juniors, A Christmas Carol, The Government Inspector, Chatfield Senior High’s Improv troupe along with many others. Currently Rebecca is attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas working toward a BFA in dance. In the future she hopes to perform and choreograph professionally.

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Zack Frongillo was born March 22nd, 1997 in Vail, Colorado. In his early life, dance wasn’t his passion, and never gave dance a thought. He was an avid sports addict. He played almost any sport that can be named: baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and soccer. He enjoyed every sport he played, but baseball was the one sports he came to love and played until he was 14 years old.

When entering Dakota Ridge High School, Zack had 2 sisters, seniors at the time, who were both involved with theatre. His sister, Lisa had introduced him to the people in theatre which convinced him to audition for the winter drama: The Miracle Worker. Zack fell in love with theatre, and decided he wanted to focus on theatre, and not baseball, leading him to quit baseball. After his first show was through there was a short break in which students were to begin to prepare for musical auditions. Dakota Ridge was putting on Anything Goes: a traditional tap dance musical from the mid ‘30s. Because the musical was tap, and tap was more difficult to just “pick-up”, Rachelle Nemec, the choreographer for musicals at Dakota Ridge, offered beginning tap classes to students. Zack fell in love with tap. As the musical progressed, students began to drop out of the tap class, until Zack was the only one remaining in the class. Rachelle decided to transfer Zack to the intermediate and advanced tap class, where he met Olivia Sayer and Rebecca Huppenthal. After the dance year had ended, both Olivia and Rebecca convinced Zack to audition for X-treme Dance Forces- Tap Company. With a year of competition, Zack competed in his first major competition, Sheer Talent Ltd. Nationals. He was shocked, and inspired, to find out that he won Mr. Teen. This single event, helped persuade him to take on more dance, and join the Senior Company his junior year. After that, Dance became his main focus. As a senior in High School, Zack went on to graduate from Dakota Ridge with a 3.0 GPA, and competed for another National Title, and won, becoming Mr.Starquest 2015.

Now, Zack is continuing his passion for dance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, as a Dance Major. On his first day, Zack was moved from Level 2, a predominantly sophomore level class, to Level 3, a junior level class. While he was not able to perform his first semester due to department rules, he worked hard and was accepted into the BFA track, and was cast in 3 of 3 pieces in the second semester. One thing he wants every young dancer to remember is: “Never give up, and find your passion. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and try new things.”