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Our program begins with our Pre-combo classes for ages 2-6 years. These classes are designed to inspire little ones to dance for enjoyment. They will learn to understand musicality, how to count music, follow direction, memory skills, terminology and self expression. XDF incorporates activities, games and prop use to make classes exciting and fun while they learn a whole new set of skills. Our goal for this age is to teach them the joy of dancing, expression and to always follow their Dreams.

Our Beginning levels for ages 7 and up begin to define movement and creating the foundation of proper technique for each individual dance style. We want kids at this age to obtain good placement of their body, grace, strength, mental focus and style in their movements. Students will add more complex steps to their training and begin to learn dance terminology and technique.

Moving to our Intermediate level for dancers 10 and up they will be pushed to the next level of challenge. At this level technique becomes a priority. Dancers focus on proper alignment, positions, vocabulary and more complex movement and choreography.


Students are encouraged to work on flexibility and technique at home. We encourage each student to push themselves to be the best they can be to get to the next level, but still in a healthy positive way.

Advance level dancers have the full understanding of technique and body placement. These dancers are able to pick up choreography quickly, have developed a vast repertoire of movement and can express the different emotions depending on dance style. These students are self-motivated, hard workers and are always looking for ways to improve and progress. Advance students are also the top role models of the studio. They always carry themselves in a positive manner, have self confidence in a positive way and are in a leadership role at the studio. Dancers have the opportunity to help assist classes, lead classes, help with choreography and help with studio events and promotions.

X-treme Dance Force is a studio for all ages and levels. You can grow as a person and a dancer in a positive nurturing environment. �XDF dancers never judge others and have the up most respect of each other. They always express themselves through the movement of dance no matter what level or age.



dance rooms with floating marley floors.



Positive, family friendly environment, age appropriate dances, dance costumes and music.



Top qualified teachers that really understand how to teach kids. Varity of class styles for all ages and levels.

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